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Staging Tips for Your Triangle, NC Real Estate Sale

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Thinking of selling your home in the Triangle? Then you're going to want to impress some buyers with your home's appearance, right? Here are 5 key factors buyers typically notice!

1. A GREAT First Impression

From the first moment a buyer sees your home, they've made a judgement about it. That first impression means a LOT when selling your home! So make sure you home looks its best, starting from the outside!

Exterior Maintenance

Buyers tend to overestimate the cost of painting and repairs, and will often shy away from relatively simple projects. Don't let a hanging shutter, siding in need of paint, or a roof that needs patching lose a sale!

Yard & Landscaping

Got a lawn? Make sure it's mowed! Leaves starting to fall? Rake them up! Snow piling up on the walkways? Break out the snow shovel. Spring blooms starting to open up? Make sure you've got some of that color on your front lawn.

Clean & Clear

A house that looks ill-maintained can deter buyers, so make sure your home is looking spick and span! Power wash your house and driveway, clear out your gutters, shovel or rake your driveway and walkways, sweep your patio or entry, and keep everything looking nice and neat.

Minor Improvements

Exterior upgrades actually have some of the best ROIs of any home improvement projects. These include simple things like new front or garage doors, as well as larger projects, like a new roof or deck.

An Inviting Entry

Nothing says "Welcome Home!" to a new buyer like a warm and welcoming entry. Set out some potted flowers or maybe a seasonal wreath. Paint your door and replace your welcome mat. Update your house numbers, clear off your porch, and even add a chair, if it's large enough.

2. Dust, Dirt, and Clutter

You've made a GREAT first impression and the buyer takes a step inside, feeling excited... only to be dismayed by what they find! Don't let this be your home-selling situation!

Cleaning and organizing aren't ever fun, but they're absolutely necessary if you want to sell your home! There's nothing that makes a buyer want to walk away like a dirty or cluttered home!

Remove it!

Excess clutter or furniture can make rooms seem smaller.

Clean it!

Dirt and dust make a home seem ill-maintained.

Replace it!

Old knobs and drawer pulls look old and dingy.

Fix it!

Details like loose knobs, hanging wallpaper, or sticking doors matter!

3. A Warm Welcome

Your front entry looks beautiful. Your rooms are clean and clear of clutter. But your home can still fall flat if it's just... flat. Here's how to welcome in buyers and make them feel at home.

Stage Your Home

Rearranging furniture, adding tasteful seasonal decor, and even playing soft music can create a sense of welcome in a home.


You may love that red accent wall but a new buyer may not. And those family photos can make it more difficult for buyers to picture themselves in your home.

Let in the Light

Nothing is more welcoming than a well-lit room! Open the windows and let the light shine in. Dreary winter days? Try lighting the fireplace to create some warmth.

4. Sounds & Smells

Eveything looks beautiful, inside and out! It's clean, clear, and welcoming... but how does it smell? This is especially important for those with pets! Don't let your cat's litterbox cost you a sale. Deep-clean carpets to remove pet stains and odors, and consider adding some light potpourri or scented candles to help freshen up rooms.

Bonus! Nothing makes a home smell truly wonderful like fresh cookies, cider, or other homemade treats! Don't have time to cook? Heating some cinammon and vanilla on the stove or in the microwave can also add some delicious aromas.

5. Don't Forget the Backyard!

Your house is perfect... but what about the backyard? If you've got one, don't neglect it! Make sure you give it the same care you did the front of your home—mowing and raking, gardening and landscaping, powerwashing and replacing.

Don't have a back deck or patio? Consider adding one to significantly boost your home value!

Ready to Sell Your Triangle Home?

If you're ready to let the experts take the responsibility out of your hands and the stress off your shoulders, then it's time to contact Lisa Ellis and Compnay. We're here to handle all the details for you and ultimately make sure you walk away with the highest possible sales price for your home.